The Client

As a consumer-directed health care pioneer and nationally recognized industry leader, ConnectYourCare (CYC) – now a part of Optum Financial – offered a comprehensive solution supporting health care savings accounts and expanded tax-advantaged offerings.

The Challenge

CYC needed help increasing the company’s brand recognition and reputation with a down-stream goal of becoming acquired. With larger, established competitors in the market, they wanted to focus their efforts on an ongoing media relations program to gain exposure with the audiences that mattered to them, ultimately ones that were going to continue to buy their products and services and eventually their firm.

The Solution

Given the company was relatively unknown at the time, and the industry already had other existing and known competitors, Pugh & Tiller PR worked closely with CYC’s senior management to develop a multi-faceted media outreach program designed to differentiate them from their competitors and position them as the company with the most innovated customer-focused solutions in the industry.

The media outreach campaign designed and implemented by Pugh & Tiller PR depended on positioning the client as an expert who could discuss the constant regulatory and compliance changes within the industry. There reached a point where media were turning to CYC to provide commentary on major changes from the IRS or other government agency as it related to the employee benefits industry. Pugh & Tiller PR also employed a newsjacking technique, working CYC into existing stories that were receiving major coverage, frequently securing interviews and podcasts. In addition to serving as a thought leader on the regulatory front, Pugh & Tiller PR also secured bylines and article inclusions, positioning CYC as an expert on best practices and new ways to consider using tax favored benefit accounts. Pugh & Tiller PR also focused on submitting and winning high-profile awards and other recognition for CYC.

The Results

CYC gained significant awareness within the industry and became regarded as the dominate leader in the field. Acknowledging the value PR provided, the firm’s senior vice president of marketing said, “Pugh and Tiller PR has been an incredible force for our marketing team and entire company. In reviewing our 2019/20 results, our PR strategy was right at the top of our biggest accomplishments. We can’t thank your firm enough.” Ultimately, the public relations efforts helped CYC achieve their end goal as was acquired by Optum Financial.


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