The Client

Established in 2002, Promapp Solutions works with hundreds of organizations worldwide to foster a thriving business improvement and process management culture. Promapp’s cloud-based business process management (BPM) software makes it easy to create, navigate, share, and change business processes, enabling continuous improvement, quality assurance, risk management, and business continuity.

The Challenge

While Promapp was already enjoying incredible success in its native New Zealand with a client roster that included such household names as McDonald’s, Toyota Financial Services, and Fuji Xerox, the company was a complete unknown when it entered the U.S. market in 2015. Recognizing that it would be facing stiff competition and a market bias for U.S.-based solutions, Promapp hired Pugh & Tiller (formerly Weiss PR) to generate a consistently high level of awareness and interest in the company, its position as the thought leader in the BPM field, and the advantages its BPM software offered.

The Solution

Pugh & Tiller PR (formerly Weiss PR) created and implemented a proactive communications initiative that complemented the client’s own in-house social media program and included a wide range of tactics, from standard news releases, bylines, and case studies to industry awards, analyst relations, and trade show support. Eventually, this effort led to Pugh & Tiller to securing regular columns written by Promapp’s CEO in several key industry publication such as CEO World and CMS Wire.

Of particular note was the campaign-within-a-campaign Pugh & Tiller developed for the launch of Promapp’s process variant management (PVM) software. For that introduction, Pugh & Tiller and Promapp worked together to develop and implement a teaser campaign, consisting of emails, social media posts, and outreach to BPM industry analysts. The intense industry interest in the new software generated pre-launch resulted in widespread media coverage of the actual software launch in multiple industry trades, as well as favorable reviews by numerous analysts.

The Results

Purely in terms of media coverage, the campaign for Promapp was very successful. That coverage helped in part to create a broad and consistent level of awareness for Promapp among key audience targets. It also helped to set the stage for greater recognition among the analyst community and, ultimately, for Promapp to be recognized as one of the five Hot Vendors in Business Process Management 2017 in an annual report prepared by Aragon Research.

More important, the public relations campaign played an important role in the growth of Promapp’s client base in the U.S. In interviewing new clients (including Michigan State University, MorganFranklin, and Pankow Builders) for releases and case studies, Pugh & Tiller was told repeatedly that the client learned about Promapp by reading an article about the company or a byline written by its CEO. Ultimately, this also helped tio pave the way for Promapp’s to be acquired by Seattle-based Nintex.


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