The Client

SafeMonk is an encryption security solution designed specifically for the file sharing service, Dropbox. It was created by SafeNet Labs, a technology incubator founded in 2012 by data protection provider, SafeNet, Inc. SafeNet Labs is dedicated to developing next-generation solutions to solve some of the biggest problems facing information security. SafeMonk combines tapproof security with simplicity that doesn’t break Dropbox.

The Challenge

More than 200 million people use Dropbox to store and share files. Despite many corporate edicts against using the service, many working professionals, especially C-level executives, use Dropbox within their company. Rather than prohibit the use of DropBox, SafeNet Labs created SafeMonk, a tapproof encryption solution designed specifically for Dropbox, so that CIOs and other IT policy enforcers could say “yes” to using the service and benefit from its many features.

Weiss PR was tapped to help launch SafeMonk to a select, highly influential group of bloggers and media outlets whose coverage and reviews of SafeMonk would influence IT decision-makers at companies that were already using or were interested in using Dropbox for file sharing. Not only was SafeMonk an unproven technology and faced with competing file sharing security solutions, but Dropbox was also being regularly flogged in the media having experienced a significant data breach.

The Solution

Weiss PR designed a media and influencer relations program that focused on reaching high-value bloggers and media that covered start-up technologies, security and encryption, and Dropbox. The program included direct pitches for coverage, a series of product announcements, product reviews, and a rapid response initiative around Dropbox coverage. Additionally, Weiss PR assisted in the creation of unique, sharable video and meme content to help drive SafeMonk’s existing social media program.

The Results

The program created by Weiss PR resulted in numerous placements in influential blogs and media, including LifeHacker, ComputerWorld, Popular Mechanics, Forbes, NetworkWorld’s Product of the Week, MAC AppStorm review, and MACReview. All of the coverage garnered for SafeMonk was positive and contributed to fast adoption of the service by more than 8,000 users in its first year.

On the social media front, the three-part Diesel Cohen video series Weiss PR designed for SafeMonk combined for thousands of views and social media engagements via likes, shares, and positive comments from an audience comprised predominantly of B2B IT and technology professionals. Additionally, the average view time of the videos was 1:40, meaning more than 85 percent of the message was consumed by viewers. The videos were also top referring traffic links to, and the generated dozens of free trial downloads of the SafeMonk service.

This campaign earned Weiss PR a Gold Award in the 2014 PR World Awards.




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