The Client

Sensics is a leader in creating head-mounted displays for the defense and professional training markets. Sensics’ SmartGoggles™ represents a truly ground-breaking technology – the first gaming and entertainment goggles that are mobile and feature real-time, 360-degree tracking of the user’s hands, adding intelligence, natural interaction, and true portability to goggle designs. They also run a wide range of powerful Android™ applications in a standalone mode.

The Challenge

Pugh & Tiller (formerly Weiss PR) was brought on board to help Sensics – a company known primarily in the defense and training markets – break into the gaming and entertainment space through the launch of its new SmartGoggles™ virtual reality technology at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The problem facing Pugh & Tiller was not simply how to make Sensics’ SmartGoggles™ stand out at a trade show at which virtually every company in the electronics and entertainment space was also launching new products, but how to do so in a way that would attract the interest of a select, highly influential group of media outlets and analysts whose reviews of SmartGoggles™ had the potential to influence Sensics’ real target: decision-makers at major electronics companies.

The Solution

Pugh & Tiller worked closely with Sensics and the CES organizers to tease out information about SmartGoggles™ months before the actual show. Through a series of regular pitches and product updates targeted to media planning to attend CES, social media posts, and videos of SmartGoggles™ on YouTube and the Show’s own website, Weiss PR was able to generate advance article placements in a number of influential gaming and entertainment trade publications, including enGadget and The Gamer Access, before CES even occurred. Those placements, in turn, generated interest among CES attendees in actually seeing SmartGoggles™ work.

The Results

As a result of the advance buzz about the product, Pugh & Tiller was able to arrange for Sensics to be interviewed by dozens of prominent media during CES, including The Verge and Wired. SmartGoggles™ also attracted the attention of numerous industry analysts, leading to meetings with a number of the world’s top consumer electronics firms on-site and in the months that followed.




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