The Client

Verne Global owns and operates a 44-acre data center campus in Keflavik, Iceland. As a strategic location between the world’s two largest data center markets, Europe and North America, Verne Global is addressing two key issues facing today’s data revolution – power pricing and availability.

Verne Global offers data center decision makers an affordable, 100% carbon neutral power solution that has unparalleled pricing predictability, a range of server density options, and efficiency without extra expense by using natural cooling. Verne enables its clients to meet their corporate objectives by providing a scalable solution that addresses both their immediate and future power requirements.

The Challenge

In order to achieve optimal performance and ROI with social media, proper consistency of all social channels and messaging with clear objectives, target audiences, and flow are essential. Verne Global was missing many common social media program components, thereby missing opportunities to engage with influencers, prospects, media, and other key audiences. Further, by not having a unified social media program, Verne Global was not leveraging its existing marketing, branding, and public relations efforts. This presented both a significant challenge and opportunity for Pugh & Tiller PR (formerly Weiss PR) to help Verne Global build community, conversation, and relationships and, ultimately, achieve gains within the medium.

The Solution

Working with Verne Global, Pugh & Tiller delivered a social media program that would reach, connect, and engage with key audiences on a wider scale. Pugh & Tiller’s ongoing social media program provides management of Verne Global’s social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube where applicable) on a daily basis, including content syndication, responses, linking, monitoring, and promotion. Pugh & Tiller also works in concert with Verne Global’s public relations and marketing teams to leverage and help promote company activities, including conferences, news releases, coverage, and content creation.

The Results

Pugh & Tiller brought all aspects of Verne Global’s social media presence into alignment with unified communications goals and purpose, and has helped build overall awareness of the company and its leadership.

Since the social media program was rolled out, Verne Global has increased its social media sharing and output by more than 1,000 percent across all of its social media properties. The company increased its fans and followers across all channels by 163 percent, its posts and updates combined for more than 38,000 in reach and impressions, and its content garnered more than 3,000 combined likes, comments, and shares. All of these increases were earned organically. In addition, Verne Global’s Linkedin and Facebook pages continue to be top referring traffic sites to, while Verne Global’s Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter pages have provided lead generation sources for the company.

Pugh & Tiller also worked with a Verne marketing services provider to create a content distribution plan for two original Verne Global videos: “It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green” and “The Green Data Center Problem.” The project’s success was measured by viewership and engagement. In just 90 days, the two videos combined for more than 20,000 views. They earned more than 120 new Facebook followers for Verne Global. The average view time was 1:25, equaling more than 80 percent of the message consumed by viewers. Both videos were top 10 referral traffic links for It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green was also syndicated by Climate Action, which works in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) – the world’s foremost body on environmental protection and stewardship. Lastly, both videos were named “Online Video of the Year” finalists in Network Product Guide’s 2014 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards.

“Pugh & Tiller played a pivotal role educating the executives on the immediate impact social media can have in a B2B environment when it comes to expanding brand awareness and creating engagement with target audiences.  Our growth can be completely attributed to the efforts of the Pugh & Tiller team, and specifically to Matt Pugh’s creativity, humor, and knowledge on how to optimize growth on a budget.”


– Lisa Rhodes, VP Marketing and Sales, Verne Global.




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