“There cannot be a crisis next week.

My schedule is already full.”

— Henry Kissinger

Pugh & Tiller PR Manages Crisis Communications for Organizations and Executives.

It’s Not a Question of “If,”

but “When” a Crisis Will Happen

With media and public scrutiny at unparalleled heights, a crisis today can take on a life of its own if a response isn’t immediate, decisive, and on target.

An effective crisis communication plan is a must. The threat of litigation, allegations of financial mismanagement or corporate negligence, product recalls, environmental issues, corporate takeovers, disgruntled customers … the list of potential crises that could damage your organization goes on and on.

A crisis can disrupt normal business operations, ruin your reputation, and leave normally savvy executives running for cover – or worse, ignoring the issue! Unfortunately, many executives and communicators find themselves facing incredibly complex decisions in response to a crisis with little or no prior experience in actually handling a crisis situation.

Effective Crisis Communications Management Means…

Confronting a Crisis

The partners of Pugh & Tiller PR have worked extensively with a wide range of organizations confronting crisis situations. In such instances, we apply our full resources to rapid response and management of the communications function. Often working in conjunction with a team of attorneys, corporate officers, risk managers, and human resource professionals, we create and implement a program that enables our clients to gain control of the situation, provide key audiences with timely and accurate information, and maintain (or restore) their reputations.

Preparing in Advance of a Crisis

More than helping to mitigate a crisis when it occurs, Pugh & Tiller PR is often engaged to prepare crisis response communications before problems arise. Through strategic planning, media training, development of response protocols, and crisis scenario building, Pugh & Tiller PR prepares management and internal communications teams to recognize, assess, and deal swiftly and effectively with a crisis when it happens. We do this by creating a system of procedures and protocols which allows clients to better understand and respond to the special risks and demands a crisis presents so they can get back to business as usual.

Pugh & Tiller PR Crisis Communications Work

Crisis Communications and Media Training for Individuals and Organizations.

Pugh & Tiller PR has handled crisis communications for:
  • A major real estate development firm facing public outcry when a government agency alleged the company was responsible for structural defects in a public building;
  • A major dairy undergoing a sale and employee layoff;
  • A non-profit organization in which an employee accidentally burned an individual receiving services from that organization;
  • Controversies over abuses of students at a major Catholic institution, and patients at a network of health clinics;
  • A lawsuit filed by a former police chief against the mayor of a major U.S. city.

In addition, Pugh & Tiller PR has created crisis communications plans and conducted media training for individuals and organizations including Johns Hopkins HospitalLaureate EducationFoulger-PrattDuke RealtyPBMaresThe Traffic Group, and Patient First.

Weiss PR has handled crisis communications for Crisis Communications and Media Training for Individuals and Organizations.

How Will Weiss PR Address My Specific Crisis Communications Needs?

Each Crisis Demands an Individualized Approach.

Just as your organization is one-of-a kind, so too are crises.

Each crisis tends to take on a life of its own. As a result, it is impossible to anticipate every possibility that could occur. And with stockholders, clients, business partners, media, and the public all clamoring for information and a successful resolution, simply replicating steps used to handle a past crisis is usually a recipe for disaster.

That is precisely why Pugh & Tiller PR creates individualized plans to address a current crisis or prepare in advance.

Each plan is customized to address both the “big picture” – proper messaging, key audiences, timely dissemination of information, spokesperson preparation – and the nuances needed to implement a truly successful initiative.

Are You Prepared for a Crisis?

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