The Client

SpotCrime is the most visited crime mapping site in the world and the most comprehensive online source for crime data. An independent data aggregator utilizing information generated by local police departments and news reports, SpotCrime maps incidents of crime in cities both nationally and internationally, plots those incidents on Google Maps, and delivers daily alerts to more than half a million regular subscribers via email, social media channels, and numerous other platforms. More than 10 million people interact with the crime data SpotCrime generates each month.

The Challenge

While SpotCrime was one of the first companies to make comprehensive crime data mapping services available to the public at no charge, it faced strong competition. Several data companies structured deals with local police departments which prohibited data sharing with independent sources such as SpotCrime. SpotCrime also needed to attract a sufficient number of subscribers in order to draw the interest of prospective business partners (primarily major media companies) and, ultimately, increase profitability.

The Solution

Pugh & Tiller (formerly Weiss PR) developed a marketing communications campaign that relied heavily on media and influencer outreach to help differentiate SpotCrime from its competitors in the marketplace, increase the company’s market share, and position it – and its founder – as the dominant thought leaders in open data initiatives aimed at making relevant crime data available to the public, thereby driving both greater awareness and new measures leading to crime reduction

Pugh & Tiller worked closely with SpotCrime to establish strategic partnerships with major media companies nationally, and then publicize those partnerships in traditional and online business media, as well as in trade publications covering the media industry and social media channels. As the number of strategic partnerships began to reach a critical mass, Pugh & Tiller shifted strategy, focusing outreach on SpotCrime’s founder and his open data philosophy, the company’s proprietary technology, and enhancements such as SpotCrime’s iPhone application.

The Results

Pugh & Tiller initially secured coverage for SpotCrime in hundreds of local media outlets, as well as major national media such as Forbes and the nationally syndicated Kim Komando Radio Show. This coverage not only created interest and attracted subscribers, but set the stage for SpotCrime to enter into partnerships with a number of major media companies, including Gannett, Sinclair, and Belo Television. SpotCrime use also skyrocketed as a result of its partnership with DIRECTV, where the SpotCrime TV App became the fastest growing application offered. Today, SpotCrime reaches more than 80% of the U.S. population and is widely regarded as the preeminent source for reliable and comprehensive information on crime incidents.




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